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Pulling Everyone Down with Them
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Because that's just what we need! More Gravitation smut!

This community is a monthly smut/pairing challenge community for the anime/manga Gravitation. Entries can be either fiction or art, but all will be of fairly adult content.

On the first day of each month, a new list with every pairing possible with a single character will be posted. Example:

Shuuichi x Eiri
Shuuichi x Hiro
Shuuichi x Reiji etcetera ...


1. Entries may be posted at any time, given they are by the end of the month.

Claiming is first come, first serve. There are two claims a pairing: Art and Written. You may not claim the same pairing two months in a row. Also, because the pairings can be listed twice, pairings are to be done in typical Seme x Uke order: Whoever’s ‘topping’ listed first, the ‘bottom’ listed second.

Only work that is a response to a challenge may be posted here. Pimping of other communities and/or journals is only allowed if it is within an entry post and pertains or relates to Gravitation in some way.

Fics must be spell-checked and have a reasonable attempt at proper grammar and punctuation. Fics that hurt the eyeballs of those attempting to read them because of poor English will be disqualified and possibly banned, after the authors have been thoroughly scolded.

No Flames No Wank. If it looks like our younger members can't handle that, there will be an age restriction placed on the community. Bashing of characters or pairings will likely result with several people telling you to go fuck yourself, so be prepared for some unpleasant fallout if you choose to bash.

Constructive criticism is encouraged. Everyone can always use improvement, and don't think yourself different. ♥

All NC-17 entries need to be Friend-Locked and must feature the chosen pairing in a sexual situation. However, it does not have to be smut/a lemon. Smut should earn at least a PG-13 rating, depending on the graphicness. Sexual tension, comic nudity, and blatant innuendo but no sex would qualify as a PG/G rating.

Though, if sex is impossible for you to write, or if your pairing just isn’t clicking, the Seme x Uke rule will not be enforced too hard. Please try to make an effort to keep the Seme x Uke rule. Put the ‘bottom’ in control for the night, or have more knowledge than whoever‘s topping. There are ways to get around the Uke being on his back. ~.^

Also, romance is fine too, and there are no length guidelines: it can be a drabble, or 74,000 words, it doesn’t matter.

If you do not post your entry by the end of the month, you will not be allowed to participate the following month. If you drop your claim for whatever reason, and tell me though, you will not be held responsible for not posting. This rule only applies to people who have signed up for a pairing.

Forms should be something like this:


(Lj Cut or Fake Cut ... whatever)


Idea Ultimately Stolen From


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