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[fanfic] Someone to Love (au) - Pulling Everyone Down with Them
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May 2007

The Emerald Warrior posting in Pulling Everyone Down with Them
User: gravi_fuh_q (posted by liana_bluestar)
Date: 2006-08-01 22:49
Subject: [fanfic] Someone to Love (au)
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Tags:shuichi, tohma
Here's my entry for this month's challenge. :)

Title: Someone to Love
Author: liana_bluestar
Rating: M
Pairing: Shuichi and Tohma
Warnings: AU (very), shounen-ai, slight lemon, sex with a minor
Disclaimer: I do not own. Do not sue.
Author's Note: insert story to Gentle Embrace (it just worked out that way)
Summary: Love never knew any boundaries. For that, he'd always be grateful.

Tohma exhaled softly as the cool fires of passion slowly dwindled down and the breathing of his new found lover evened out. What they had done was wrong. He knew as much but neither of them had been able to stop. Neither of them had wanted to stop, and Tohma had no regrets. If anyone possessed the right to hold his partner, it was he. He'd deny any and all others that right.

As he listened to the sounds of the younger man sleeping, Tohma's mind started to replay the events of the evening in hopes of finding out how it had happened and why. It was unexpected, though not unpleasant, and Tohma preferred to have everything under his control. In looking back, however, he began to think that maybe, just maybe, the day's end results should have been something to look forward to.

He had not been having a good day. Yuki had wanted to take Eiri out to Central Park for the day's lessons and Tohma had refused. Central Park was a dangerous place, even in broad daylight and there was no way he was going to allow Eiri to go. That had led to an argument between him and the other man, and several harsh words were exchanged. Fortunately for both men, Shuichi had arrived late the previous night and had taken Eiri out of the apartment before Yuki had arrived. Tohma didn't want to think of how Eiri would have reacted to such a scene. The boy had dealt with enough trauma in his life and he certainly did not need either Tohma or Yuki adding to his worries.

Tohma's troubles, though, didn't end there. Ryuichi had apparently decided that today would be a perfect day to simply not show up at the recording studio. The singer's motivations may have had something to do with Shuichi's arrival from Tokyo -- Ryuichi had always been extremely fond of the teen -- but it still had been rather inconvenient for Tohma. Nittle Grasper couldn't afford any set backs, especially if they wanted to continue to dominate the charts in Japan. Things weren't going to be easy for them as it were, not with Tohma and Ryuichi recording in New York and Noriko laying down tracks in Tokyo.

Then there was Shuichi. He'd gone back to Japan for a week to visit with Noriko and her boyfriend. The teen had claimed he'd missed her and Tokyo so Tohma had allowed him to go back. Shuichi had been ecstatic about leaving, almost bouncing off the walls, but, upon his return, seemed rather melancholic, subdued almost. He still smiled but Tohma knew the teen too well. The smile Shuichi gave everyone was false and laced with a hint of sadness. Tohma knew it to be false for he had taught Shuichi how to smile like that, or at least helped the teen to perfect it. Something had happened in Japan to dampen the normally energetic youth's spirits. Tohma simply hadn't found the right opportunity to ask him about the trip, and it bothered him. He hated to see Shuichi so tormented.

Tohma let out another soft sigh. Shuichi. While the teen had been back home, Tohma had worried about him constantly. He knew that Noriko would undoubtedly take care of the dark-haired youth but there were always chances for Shuichi to relapse. Too many reminders of the way things used to be existed for Shuichi. If Tohma could, he would have erased them the moment the teen came to live with him, but the blonde knew it to be a futile exercise. If such moments had never happened then the teen would not be in Tohma's life. At least, not in the same way.

'Don't dwell on it,' he scolded himself, his eyes landing on the mop of ebony hair. 'He's okay and he's safe now. That's all that matters.'

Safe. Tohma knew that Shuichi had probably forgotten what the word meant, what it truly meant. From what he knew, Shuichi's life had been hell since he was five and events from that age had shaped the youth into what he was. Tohma had vowed to try and least give his oldest ward a haven from the rest of the world. Probably because of his steady presence, the teen had almost seemed desperate to hold Tohma as the day progressed but kept refraining until Eiri had finally fallen asleep for the night. The blonde had seen it in the teen's posture and in his eyes, and knew it had to be difficult for Shuichi to keep holding back. Given how his day had gone, Tohma had felt a similar need to hold someone and to be held. He welcomed the opportunity to at least give someone a small bit of comfort.

The moment Shuichi was in his arms, however, things had gone in an entirely different direction than what Tohma had anticipated. Shuichi had held him tighter, closer than he ever had before, and it had confused Tohma slightly. The Shuichi he had come to know didn't care for much physical contact, often avoiding it as much as possible (the teen was the only person Ryuichi didn't pounce on). Too many bad memories were associated with such acts so it had surprised him by the teen's strong embrace. Nothing, though, could have prepared him for what Shuichi did next.

Lips, hesitant and warm, brushed against his, and slender arms wrapped around his neck while fingers tangled themselves in his hair. Tohma found that he couldn't think to what Shuichi was doing, only react. His arms slid around the teen's lithe waist and lifted the youth up. The next thing he knew, they were both in Tohma's bedroom, still kissing and now touching. He couldn't help himself, really. To Tohma, it felt as if Shuichi had been made specifically for him. The teen fit perfectly against his body and there was just something about Shuichi, something in his eyes . . .

Fingers idly caressing his chest brought Tohma back to the present and he glanced once more at the sleeping teen. Shuichi remained asleep. Tohma had already learned how to tell when the teen was faking slumber and when he wasn't just by the youth's breathing patterns. It was one survival skill he'd had to break Shuichi from.

Still, the feel of those fingers touching him sent small waves of electricity coursing through Tohma and he fought back a moan. The memories were still fresh. Their kissing had led to touching and the slow removal of clothing. Curiosity burned bright in Shuichi's eyes along with a few other emotions. Tohma had seen it before but usually in the eyes of female fans. They were love and adoration. Shuichi had *wanted* him in a way that no one else could. Touching eventually led into serious exploration and Tohma had allowed the teen to do what he wanted. Warm lips had trailed over his flesh, planting kisses here and there. Soon, the blonde had found it hard to keep his breath as Shuichi continued. He had never known anything like this, despite a brief affair with one of his father's subordinates. The affair had been a means to an end, a way to pass some time, but this . . . This felt good, it felt right.

He had taken the teen. The moment their lips had connected once more, Tohma had pinned Shuichi under him and the teen had wrapps his legs around Tohma's waist. He'd had to remind himself to take it easy on Shuichi as he penetrated the youth and even then he almost hadn't. Shuichi had fought to maintain his innocence in the face of adversity. Tohma knew as much, his reasons for his hesitation. Then the teen had whispered something, saying it was okay. That he wanted Tohma.

Tohma shivered. Shuichi had been tight, almost excrutiatingly so. The muscles of the teen's entrance had constricted around his cock, trying to push him out as they pulled him in at the same time. It had been delightful, intoxicating to feel such a thing wrapped around him. He felt hot and cold at the same time, and his mind raced with a thousand thoughts and more. The penetration had hurt Shuichi. Tohma had seen it but the teen never cried out. Instead, he smiled through the pain and kissed him, encouraging Tohma to continue. Gently, their bodies rocked together, finding a rhythm of their own accord. Each thrust brought them closer together, entwining them in a way that Tohma knew he would never be able to understand. He should have stopped -- Shuichi was only sixteen -- but he couldn't. The teen had him addicted to what he had to offer and Tohma didn't want to give it up, not for anyone.

The blonde closed his eyes. He should have felt guilty for having sex with Shuichi but he couldn't bring himself to do so. There had been no regret in Shuichi's eyes after they had reached their own climaxes, only that love and adoration from before, but no one could ever know.

At least . . . not for a while.</lu-cut>

Like? Dislike? Full concrit please. Bloody it if you have to. I enjoy the pain. ;)
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EIRI-CHICK: If you can't take me...LEAVE!
User: pikachu_goddess
Date: 2006-08-17 17:04 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:If you can't take me...LEAVE!
I have to admit that the idea of Tohma and Shuichi creeps me out, but the way that you handled this is brilliant. I would love to find out the rest of the AU that you have created for this fic! I found some of it on Gurabite, I hope that you make this a ongoing storyline!

Great Job!

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