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[Mod] - Pulling Everyone Down with Them
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May 2007

Still Naive, Not Photogenic posting in Pulling Everyone Down with Them
User: gravi_fuh_q (posted by sliefoxx)
Date: 2006-12-12 13:11
Subject: [Mod]
Security: Public
Heyheyhey! This is just a reminder that I had given an extra month for November's Taki challenge. Being that there's only two people who haven't posted and I'm just now getting to check my communities, I'm gonna say "Do what you want".

But only until the end of December.

Any past pairings listed for challenges are up for grabs but only past pairings, and fanfiction must be written for specifically gravi_fuh_q.

+ Here's the pairing lists for August, September, October, and November.

+ New Rule!

Tag your entries by characters. If you've chosen a crack pairing, just write 'crack' instead of the item.

Tags: hiro, crack
Tags: shuichi, tohma

That is all!

Happy Finals for those who have them, and have fun this month! :3
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The Emerald Warrior
User: liana_bluestar
Date: 2006-12-12 20:29 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Can I snag Hiro x Tohma on top of Eiri x Taki? I'll get them both done, I swear!
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Still Naive, Not Photogenic: An odd kind of joy
User: sliefoxx
Date: 2006-12-12 20:33 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:An odd kind of joy
Just post Eiri x Taki first, and I'm cool with it. ~.^ I'll go ahead and put you down~
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The Emerald Warrior
User: liana_bluestar
Date: 2006-12-13 19:21 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Attempting to get things done now! ^_^
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