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Title: To Break a Habit Rating: NC-17 for sex Pairing: TakixYuji… - Pulling Everyone Down with Them
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May 2007

silver_magess posting in Pulling Everyone Down with Them
User: gravi_fuh_q (posted by silver_magess)
Date: 2006-11-27 21:22
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Tags:taki, yuji
Title: To Break a Habit
Rating: NC-17 for sex
Pairing: TakixYuji
Summary: It's hard to dump someone when you just can't leave them alone.

Once he made a decision, Taki didn't like to go back on it, at least not until it was too late. Yet, here he was, mooning over an ex-boyfriend of all things, pacing in front of his apartment door. He'd been taking a walk and somehow his feet had just carried him there and he'd been unable to leave. "I shouldn't be here." Taki whispered to himself as he stood before the door, ready to knock. Turning away, he forced himself to walk away and was almost half way towards the stairs when he felt a hand grasp his shoulder.

"It's rude to loiter outside a person's doorway without saying hi." Looking behind him, Taki could see Yuji Nakano, the same grin on his face as always. He briefly wondered just how long Yuji had watched him torture himself, but quickly shelved the thought least he say something snarkier than usual.

Tucking his hands into his pant's pockets, Taki tried to look non-chalant, knowing that he was failing. "I wasn't going to come in." The whole time, Yuji's smile hadn't left his face, though there was something devilish in his eyes that meant he was about to do something annoying.

"I insist that you come in and sit a spell." Taki tried to jerk out of his grip, only to find himself being pulled in. "You know you can't resist me." If anyone else had said that, he would have done everything in his power to spite them, but with Yuji it was always impossible. The moment they were inside, Yuji locked the door and crossed his arms. "Why did you break up with me?"

Now Taki couldn't tell him the real reason: that if Yuji's brother had found out about them, they'd both be in deep shit. He did have a good fake reason for it, but Yuji had never believed the fake reason or rather, barely respected it. He seemed to think that since his brother's little troll of a friend could be openly gay without fearing for his career, then they could do it as well.

They had this conversation enough times before that Taki knew it was fruitless, yet he still had to get the ball rolling. "As I've said enough times before, not only can't I tell you, but I wouldn't tell you if it meant the world would implode tomorrow."

Most people Taki knew rolled their eyes at his exaggerations, but Yuji, true to form only winced and then grab onto his shirt sleeve, as if the invasion of personal space would cause Taki to spill his secret. When they'd first met and things had been going hot and heavy between them, this would have worked like a charm. Now though, he had to be firm, for both their sakes.

Putting his hands on Yuji's shoulders but not pushing him away, Taki gave him a hard look. "If I say I can't, then I can't." The way Yuji's face fell indicated that he had gotten the point finally.

Pulling away from him, Yuji turned his back to him, squaring his shoulders. "Then why are you here?" That was exactly what Taki wanted to know.

"I just felt like it." Admittedly, he'd just had the urge to see Yuji's face again, but if Taki told him that, the actor would never let him rest in peace again.

When Yuji turned around with a huge smile on his face, it was obvious that the damage was already done. "Or maybe you still love me." Yuji was gently tugging on his shirt collar again, letting a finger slide against Taki's skin.

Realizing that he was about to lose it and deciding that it wasn't the worst thing he'd ever done either, Taki pulled Yuji down into a deep, hard kiss. "Shut up." This was probably going to give Yuji the wrong idea for sure, but at least Taki hadn't said he'd loved him. The journey to the bedroom was erratic and clumsy, as neither one had quite learned to master the art of making out, undressing and walking at the same time, though Taki liked to think it was more Yuji's fault than his.

The moment they had reached the bedroom and were both naked, most of Taki's misgivings had vanished from his mind, though they would no doubt return afterwards. For now, all he could really focus on was the man pinned under him. "I was so horny I was about to cheat on you." Yuji said in a low voice as he tried to lean up and kiss Taki.

Shoving Yuji down on the bed, Taki gripped him just tightly enough to show him how much he disliked this attempt at conversation while smiling predatorily at him. "I dumped you so it's not cheating. I'm very forgiving." Actually, there was some irritation mixed in his voice, but he didn't care what Yuji thought was causing it.

Wriggling under him a little bit, Yuji gave Taki his "movie star" smile that was far too dorky to be considered glamorous. "Are you angry? You are right? Because you're jealous?" Letting go of Yuji, Taki glared at him, shutting the older man up. He then bent down and softly brushed his lips against the other's chest. Slowly he began to trace the line of Yuji's chest and he could hear a little frustrated groan which caused him to smirk. Yuji didn't like it when Taki was gentle with him or touched him lightly.

He began to kiss a trail down from his naval to his nether regions. "Tachi-kun…" Suppressing a snicker, Taki began to flick his tongue up and down the length, knowing just what would get Yuji riled up. The guy was just too easy sometimes. Instead of just finishing him off right away, Taki sat up and leaned over him again.

"Is there something you need from me?" He said as he stroked Yuji's hair, revealing in the other's flushed cheeks. He hadn't quite forgotten what Yuji looked like when he got excited, but it was nice to have a reminder.

Cupping Taki's face in his hands, Yuji gave him a softer smile than usual. "You and only you. Forever and ever." Before Taki could respond, he found himself being pulled down in a rough embrace, being pressed so tightly against Yuji that he couldn’t tell where they ended.

Despite himself, Taki was becoming lost in him yet again. It wasn't enough for him to reverse his decision though; he was going to dump Yuji for good after this. But, that didn't mean he couldn't pile on yet another regret. The list was long enough that one more thing wouldn't hurt.
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