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Finally Beta-ed! - Pulling Everyone Down with Them
my journal
May 2007

EIRI-CHICK posting in Pulling Everyone Down with Them
User: gravi_fuh_q (posted by pikachu_goddess)
Date: 2006-10-31 17:36
Subject: Finally Beta-ed!
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Location:At home
Music:Erased, Over, Out by Nine Inch Nails
Tags:k, ryuichi
Title: Baseball
Author: EIRI-CHICK (-_-)=~
Rating: R/ NC17 I'm not sure...heh
Pairing: K X Ryuichi
Summary: K ponders the "nature" of his relationship with Ryuichi during his solo career.
Disclaimer: Wish I owned it...

Yeah, I admit it. I did it because it made him happy. And because he needed it. It definitely made things easier; at least he wasn't out getting caught in some kinda scandal, like that Hugh Frank guy did with the hooker and all.

Besides, he's small and kinda delicate, at least compared to me. And he does do some really cute things, y'know? Like carry around that damn Kumagoro.

Maybe I have a thing for short guys that need to be token care of. Idunno.

Ah hell, you and I both know he can't be relied on to find them himself. He doesn't know what to look for, people that'll shut the hell up about that kinda thing. He woulda got caught, or eventually found someone that refused to be discreet. Someone that'll tell the entire word "I shagged Sakuma Ryuichi!" Maybe even have it tottooed on their forehead. I mean someone that would hav'to be silenced, y'know? Either with hush money or more...permanent ways. Or found some chick that'll get herself pregnant and keep the baby and then'd want a ton of money "for the baby." Y'know the kind, the kind that'll do anything to stoy rich and in the news.

But then again, I guess that's how his kind of genius works, y'know? I mean, like I've said before, he walks a line between genius and social stupidity,* but somehow he always manages to pull it off... and look pretty damn sexy doing it. Some of the things he normally does would have had the paramedics in the twinkie truck making a home pit stop to pick the guy up, but somehow he manages to charm just about anyone that he encounters.

Anyone but Noriko, I mean. She's got his number and he knows it.

I mean, how many men his age still color? Not to mention act the way he does.

Either way, I'm glad that we did it. It was intense at the time, but now that I think about it, I really had no choice. I mean, he was my charge at the time. I had been given strict orders from Seguchi to "protect him and please him in any way possible" while I was on duty with him. And for three years I did just that. I kept him safe from fans that woulda torn him apart for souvenirs, from interviewers that woulda had him singing anything from his latest hit to 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' just to prove a point. And yeah, being known as "the crazy gun-toting American manager" didn't hurt, at least when it came down to it.

After all, he knew that he could trust me with his life.

So I did just that, kept him safe and toted his hyperactive happy ass all over, from concert venues to radio interviews. For three years, I barely saw my family during that time. Barely had any "alone time" with Judy. I had to do something. After all, I AM a red-blooded American male, libido and all. And he knew it. And I thought he was cute.

It would usually begin backstoge in the dressing room after a concert, after the groupies and roadies had left, while the janitors were cleaning the building, when it was more or less just the two of us. In those days he didn't shower right after a concert, so he was still covered in glitter and makeup and smelled so...so Ryuichi. So full of sweat and excitement and possibilities still yet to come. He'd get "that look" on his face, y'know the one. The one that you only saw when he was ready go sing and sing his heart out. The one that made you want to fuck him on the spot. The one that made him a god. I admit that even I wasn't capable of withstanding "that look" any more than the next person. Still can't. Something about it made you melt inside, made you want to do anything to keep you in his sights, kinda like a bird hypnotized by a snake...but in a good way. You wanted to be the bird, wanted to be the sacrifice. You wanted to have him wrap himself around you, have his still salty lips on yours, have him sweep you away in his kisses.

I've seen him turn that...that "look" on others, but the first time he turned it on me, I didn't know what to do. He "looked" at me, and I couldn't talk. I was captured like that bird. Captured and loving it because I somehow knew for a brief moment of time he was all mine, a concert for one. Just for me.

He sauntered over and kissed me hard. On the lips. I know my eyes got really big and I dropped my jaw 'cause that's when he stuck in his tongue. He tongue-kissed me that first kiss. Oh man, was I shocked. I was speechless. He's the only one that CAN shock me. I never know what he's really thinking. Still don't.

And then we had sex. Again and again. Until he fell asleep still wearing his stage makeup. So I picked him up and carried him into the shower with me and bathed him. He woke up for a bit and tried to hold onto me, tried to keep himself upright but he couldn't 'cause by then he was sapped of all his energy. Even his reserves.

Imagine Ryuichi sapped of all his strength. It was strange that first time. 'Till then I never even knew it was possible. I mean, I he's always so fuckin' hyper, I normally hadda practically sedate his happy ass to get him to get to bed at all.

And when he woke up from that three hour nap, he was even more hyper than before. Like the goddamn energizer bunny, he kept going and going. WE kept going and going.

He even had me track him down one of them goddamn drumming things, had me calling the fuckin' company to find one for him. He told me that "Kumagoro wanted a play buddy," then he turned them baby blues on me, all watery-like and I hadda get him one. But I digress.

I guess the point I'm tryin' to make is that I'm no saint. Hadn't been one for a long time, if ever. During those three years we did things that even I didn't know were possible. Positions that I woulda never known I could do, at least until he had me prove myself wrong. Ones that I truly enjoyed, at least at the time.

Who woulda thought I'd love being catcher?**

*K says this in Gravitation manga volume 5 , Track 21, page 202
** I don't know about other countries, but here in the US, non-Otaku often refer to the seme as "the pitcher" and the uke as the "catcher." Thus the title of this story.
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