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KxShuichi fic, "Burden" - Pulling Everyone Down with Them
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May 2007

silver_magess posting in Pulling Everyone Down with Them
User: gravi_fuh_q (posted by silver_magess)
Date: 2006-10-19 18:55
Subject: KxShuichi fic, "Burden"
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Tags:k, shuichi
Title: Burden
Rating: Hard R. Non-Graphic sex.
Pairing: K/Shuichi
Summary: In order to keep Shuichi under control, K hasn't just crossed the line, he's painted right over it.

It was fortunate that Shuichi wasn't one of those musicians who felt that he needed drugs to be a star. On the other hand, it meant that Shuichi's energy got directed towards other venues when he was depressed or angry, such as spending hours on end in dance clubs, to the point of near exhaustion. Which K wouldn't have minded, save for the fact that it did no good to have Shuichi exhausted the night before a big interview or concert or whatever event he had planned for Bad Luck at the moment.

Tonight was one such instance and it had taken threatening with a sub-machine gun before Shuichi had allowed K to carry him back to the hotel, piggy back. He should have known that Shuichi had been far too docile. It was only when he felt fingers begin to wrap into his hair that K knew he had jumped the gun so to speak.

"I'm really beginning think I have some sort of blond fetish, K-san." The first few times Shuichi had started doing that, K had pushed him away and even now that he'd given up, K still felt the urge to do so. Yet, in the end, Shuichi's crying would cause K guilt over the fact that he had just trampled a widower. That's what Shuichi was, in the technical sense. Eiri Yuki had dumped Shuichi shortly before he managed to get himself killed in a gruesome car accident due to drunkenness. It had been revealed at autopsy that if it hadn't been the car accident, the alcohol would have still killed him, if the state of his liver was any indication. Perhaps dumping Shuichi had been Eiri Yuki's way of keeping the boy from seeing his lover self destruct, but if so, it was a cold mercy that Shuichi had yet to get over.

That was enough to make him tolerate the burden currently on his back, who was cooing sweet nothings into K's golden locks. By the time they finally got to the hotel, Shuichi was already beginning to press kisses to his neck. With a heavy feeling in his heart, K hauled Shuichi upstairs, knowing very well what came next, what always came next when Shuichi started kissing him.

The moment the door shut behind them, Shuichi got off of K's back and ran towards the shower, stopping to give him a quick wink before he disappeared from sight. Sitting down on his bed, K lit up a cigarette and contemplated cleaning one of his guns to pass the time. Even as he thought it, he quickly disregarded that notion; Shuichi would disapprove, because Eiri had never owned a gun, let alone cleaned one.

Instead, he tossed his tie aside and undid the buttons on his shirt. As he waited, he concentrated on the sound of running water, snuffing out the cigarette in an ash tray when he was only half way done with it. Getting up he walked over to one of the windows and peered out at what little of the city he could see through the half closed curtains. He knew that Shuichi would appreciate finding him like that, since it made K look cool for some reason the manager had yet to comprehend, though it was Eiri Yuki related. Personally, he was beginning to honestly think that the novelist had just been a soppy drama queen.

The water cut off at that moment. Sometimes Shuichi would towel off and get dressed or else he would be half dressed. This time though, Shuichi had opted to just come out of the shower sopping wet, as evidenced by the sudden soaking of the back of K's shirt and khaki's as a small, naked body pressed up against him.

"Even just a few minutes is too long a wait, K-san." Shuichi whispered as he nuzzled K's back. Removing Shuichi's arms from around his waist, K turned slowly, clutching both the singer's hands in his. He raised them up to his lips, giving the fingers a gentle kiss. It was always best to perform at least one romantic gesture with Shuichi and based on the way Shuichi's eyes lit up, K knew he hadn't misjudged.

He led Shuichi to the bed, holding his hand as if he was escorting the boy to the prom. Though K supposed calling this the after prom event would have been more appropriate. As Shuichi sat down on the bed, K slowly began to remove his belt, tossing it to the side when he was done, the clunk of the buckle causing the flush in Shuichi's cheeks to darken.

Grabbing onto the edge of K's shirt, Shuichi pulled him down into a deep kiss. As he did it, he pulled down K's pants as well, but stopped when his hands trailed over the hem of K's underwear. "Still wearing tighty-whities?"

Ignoring the smirk lurking in Shuichi's voice, K slowly removed the extra set of hands. "It gets the job done."

"I like black better." What Shuichi really meant to say was that Yuki wore black, so of course that was the only color of underwear that could possibly look attractive.

"I'm afraid black isn't my color." Disrobing the rest of the way, K was satisfied when he heard the small gasp that escaped Shuichi. "Besides, undergarments aren't as important as what they cover." Smiling at the appreciative look on Shuichi's face, he pushed the boy down onto the now water soaked bed.

The moment for playing was over and K's touches and caresses alternated between tender and rough. He was never quite sure which Shuichi preferred, yet another thing to curse Eiri Yuki for, since the bastard had never been able to make up his mind and Shuichi apparently felt he had to be the same way during sex.

When he entered Shuichi, he was always careful though, regardless of what the young man wished. It would not do to have Shuichi fighting during an interview due to a sore bottom. Of course, tonight Shuichi had decided to be spiteful and was scratching K's back as hard as he could, no doubt leaving heavy red marks. He'd have to make sure to remind the younger man to bandage it up afterwards, not that Shuichi had ever been a competent nurse.

After they were both spent, which involved a lot of loud vocalizations on Shuichi's part before he was done, K had grabbed his pants and fished out his cell phone. Seeing only one message on the phone from Sakano, he quickly sent a text message in reply, saying that Shuichi was safely in hand and would definitely be calm enough for the interview tomorrow.

"You're the best manager ever K-san." Shuichi was smiling at him sweetly, but as usual, all K could muster was pity, which he made sure to cover with a smile. "I'm sorry about causing you so much trouble." For a moment, there seemed to be some guilt there and in the past K would have told Shuichi to not worry about it.

That had been back when he'd been naïve and believed that the younger man was actually sincere. There were only so many ways that he'd let Shuichi manipulate him and he drew the line when it came to anything that might cause the singer to think that this situation could ever be okay. "Just be there tomorrow so that I don't have to shoot you." Of course, he had the feeling, as he always did that he'd just allowed Shuichi to rethink their boundaries yet again.
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Taste the rainbow, bitches.: love bites
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Date: 2006-10-20 04:33 (UTC)
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I loved this. Thanks so much for posting.
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