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(unofficial entry) Hiro/Suguru in "Un-sick" - Pulling Everyone Down with Them
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May 2007

[慧一] keiichi posting in Pulling Everyone Down with Them
User: gravi_fuh_q (posted by kattreiya)
Date: 2006-09-29 13:45
Subject: (unofficial entry) Hiro/Suguru in "Un-sick"
Security: Public
Music:Ready Steady Go / L'Arc~en~Ciel
Tags:hiro, suguru
Hi! I know I dropped this pairing because I wasn't sure when I'll be out of the hospital and if I'll be able to finish it on time. But by some miracle I *actually* did it... you can delete this post though if it's not allowed (the fic's crossposted anyway), though I'm crossing my fingers you won't ban me from the comm -_-;

Title: Un-sick
Author: kattreiya [keiichi]
Fandom: Gravitation
Character/s/Pairing: Hiro/Suguru
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Archived: kattreiya, and @Gurabite.net

( runny nose and a cough )
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