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My first lemon, I hope that I did a good job! This story would not… - Pulling Everyone Down with Them
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May 2007

EIRI-CHICK posting in Pulling Everyone Down with Them
User: gravi_fuh_q (posted by pikachu_goddess)
Date: 2006-08-17 12:12
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Music:Light of Love by Maaya Sakamoro
Tags:crack, shuichi
My first lemon, I hope that I did a good job!

This story would not be half as good as I think it is if it wasn't for Kage Otogi, my wonderfully patient beta, who is not only skilled at what she does, but is teaching me better grammar! Not to mention a few words I've always had trouble spelling...either way, DOMOARIGATO, Kage-sensei!

Title: Eiri's Glasses
Description: A hunt for pocky leads to more...
Category: Fanfiction
Subcategory: Smut
Rating: M for Mature readers only

'x' is thinking
"x" is talking

[Originally written for the gravi_fuh_q community challenge on LiveJournal.com - Shuichi x Eiri's Glasses. Crossposted all over the place! *laughs*]

Title: Eiri's Glasses
Description: A hunt for pocky leads to more...
Category: Fanfiction
Subcategory: Smut
Rating: M for Mature readers only

He found them in a drawer while snooping in Eiri's office, looking for the pocky stash he was sure he had hidden in there somewhere. Eiri had left for a book signing, which was scheduled to take place from noon until five in the evening. After Eiri left, Shuichi watched music videos, played a videogame and fixed himself dinner from leftovers in the fridge. Calling Hiro, the friends went over some lyrics that had been giving Shuichi trouble, finally straightening them out well enough to show them to Suguru the next day. When Shuichi looked at the clock on the wall, it said 3:53pm.

"I'm NEVER gonna make it all the way to five! And Yuki's coming all the way from the other side of town!" Shuichi cried as he fell back onto the floor in front of the TV. His eyes fell on the door leading to Eiri's study.

'I wonder if I still have any pocky stashed in there?' he thought to himself. 'I ate the last box that was in the kitchen earlier today, but I bet I still have some stashed in there!'

Feeling guilty for invading Eiri's study without permission, he crept over to the study door and knocked softly.

"Yuki's not here, moron!" he said to himself as he hit himself in the forehead. "He can't yell at me--he's all the way on the other side of town!"

Opening the door with more confidence than he felt, he looked around the room. The desk had been placed so that the door was on the left and slightly behind the chair, making it easy for Shuichi to walk up behind Eiri and give him hugs whenever he was reclining back and contemplating during a break in his work. Shuichi also could come up from behind and read over Eiri's shoulder, which he did just once. Eiri was so focused on capturing his line of thinking before he lost his train of thought that he hadn't noticed his lover's silent presence behind him. Shuichi had tried to show him how much he enjoyed what he had just read on the screen by hugging and kissing the blond on the back of his neck; Eiri had nearly jumped out of his skin when the young man hugged him unexpectedly. Eiri had yelled so loud that the neighbors below them had banged on their ceiling, and Shuichi was exiled to the couch for the night. The singer made sure that he noisily announced his presence in some way from that day on. He rarely entered the study unannounced after that episode, although Eiri didn't seem to mind the hugs quite as much if they were given while he was taking a break from actual typing.

Eiri's leather chair was sitting back from the desk and turned towards the door, as if Eiri had just pushed himself back in it and left to go make himself a cup of coffee. Spying the closed laptop sitting on the desk, Shuichi decided to enter the prohibited chamber.

Creeping over to the desk and standing in front of the chair, Shuichi regarded the laptop. Cautiously putting his hands on it, his sensitive fingers noted the coolness of its surface. Sighing, he gently stroked the computer.

"I miss you, Yuki. I wish it was later and you were here already," he sulked as he lovingly caressed the laptop. Not daring to open it, he instead turned his attention to the drawers in the desk.

"I bet I stashed some pocky in here!" he explained to the laptop as he continued his search.

Opening the large lowest drawer on the right hand side, he saw reams of paper, obviously for the printer that was taking up space on the back of the desk. Closing the drawer, Shuichi reached for the second highest drawer, but then, seemingly unbidden, instead reached for the drawer in the center of the desk, over Eiri's chair. That drawer, the "forbidden" one, was one that Eiri had asked him specifically to "never EVER go into."

The drawer slid partway open when he tried it. It was unlocked! Shuichi stopped when he realized that he could look inside. 'I bet that's where he puts the pocky I leave in here!' he thought.

Shuichi's hand stopped when he realized that he would be going against Eiri's trust. Eiri had asked him not to go into that drawer...but why? Why would he feel that he had to lock it in the first place? Did Eiri think that the singer was going to eat all the pocky in one sitting and then bounce around so much that he would have to be thrown out of the apartment just so Eiri could get peace and quiet?' Saddened by that thought, the pink-haired vocalist sighed. 'He hasn't done it in a long time. I wonder if he feels that we are beyond that point in our relationship? Maybe he just doesn't want to, and I definitely don't want to do anything to make him think he should!'

Strengthened by that line of thinking and bracing his hands on the partially opened compartment, he pulled at it and looked inside.

The only thing he found was an open black leather case with a pair of wire-framed glasses inside.

"Yuki's reading glasses!" he cried aloud. "I wondered where he kept them! Not that I really thought about it..."

Looking at them as they sat on the dark blue velvet-like material inside the case, the boy debated on whether or not he should even touch them, much less put them on.

"Yuki isn't here...and I could try them on for a second. It won't hurt, and I won't break them if I'm careful!" he decided.

Taking them reverently out of the case and opening the earpieces, he held them in front of his face. Looking at the computer through the lenses, he squinted at how it now appeared to be out of focus.

"I guess he really does need them! And I figured they were just to help him concentrate more while he typed," he explained to the silent machine.

Carefully, he placed them upon his face. Using his left middle finger, he pushed them up the bridge of his nose by the nosepiece so as to not smudge the lenses with fingerprints.

Closing his eyes, he recalled all the times he'd seen Eiri wear them. While working on a novel, while cooking, while snuggling with him on the couch watching TV... Mmmm.

Shuichi realized that his right hand was touching his half-erect self through the fabric of his baggy desert camouflage pants. Thinking about snuggling with Eiri seemed to have that effect on him.

Securing the glasses by holding onto the nosepiece with his left middle finger, he sat down in the abandoned chair, still touching himself. "Oh Yuki...I really wish that you were here now..." he declared.

Tilting his head back slightly as to not lose the precious glasses and using both his hands, he unfastened his belt and opened up the buttons that kept his fly closed. Secretly glad that he chose not to wear underwear that day, he reached into his loosened pants and used his right hand to pull out his manhood as he used his left to push up his royal blue sleeveless shirt. He stroked his cock once, sighing and enjoying the feel of his hand upon the heated skin. Moving the foreskin back and forth, he brought himself to full hardness.

"Yuki...if only you were here now...stroking me..." he gasped and leaned his head back against the headdress.

Slouching, he relaxed fully into the comfortable seat. Feeling the precum on the tip of his cock, he used it to lubricate the entire length, enjoying how easily his hand now slid along it.

Opening his eyes slightly, he peered down at himself through the lenses. His tanned body, toned from hours of dance routines for concerts, pleased Eiri. He ran his left hand over the right side of his chest to his erect nipple, groaning as his fingers touched the sensitive bud.

"Yuki...if only you were here...touching me like this...ohhh," he murmured as he continued to touch himself intimately.

Closing his eyes once again, he imagined Eiri sitting on their bed, watching him closely as he stroked him, wearing nothing but his glasses, slightly larger eyes dark and dilated with lust, his generous hardness weeping as he readied both of them for the pleasure about to come.

"Ohhhhhh! YUKI!" Shuichi cried out as he felt himself spasm, bending forward nearly in two with the strength of his orgasm. Streams of warm white fluid splashing upon his torso as brilliant multicolored stars shone behind his closed eyes.

Leaning forward, he took off the glasses by their earpieces and placed them on the desk, once again careful not to smudge the lenses. Then, he took off his shirt and used it to wipe himself clean. Taking his time so as to not break them, he replaced the reading glasses back in their case and closed the drawer.

"Very well done, brat," he heard from the doorway behind him. Jumping and spinning to face the door, he blushed bright red as he realised that he was no longer alone. Eiri was leaning against the doorframe with a smirk on his face, watching him.

"I...uh...how long were you standing there?" the vocalist squeaked, wide eyed.

"Long enough to watch you rub your chest," Eiri answered.

"So...uh, you watched the...entire thing," Shuichi said, his blush growing even brighter.

"Pretty much." Eiri replied.

Shuichi glanced over at the digital clock sitting on the top of the desk. It read 4:27.

"I thought that you weren't supposed to be home until five," he mumbled. Looking up at his partner, he asked, "What happened?"

"The owner of the bookstore had a personal emergency and had to close early, so I came home."

"Oh." Shuichi hung his head. Looking up quickly, the young man tried to explain. "I'm sorry Yuki! I know you told me not to go in that drawer, but I thought that was where you might have stashed some pocky, and I ate all that was in the kitchen, and I wanted more, and..."

Walking quickly over to his smaller lover, Eiri closed the space between them. Taking Shuichi's chin in his left hand, he kissed him passionately, effectively cutting off the explanation.

"If you are really feeling that guilty, I sure you can think of a way that you can apologise," Eiri growled lustily as he led him out of the study and down the hall to the bedroom.

Feel free to review this! Did you know that reviewers are on average 20 points higher in IQ than non-reviewers?

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User: sliefoxx
Date: 2006-08-17 20:12 (UTC)
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X3 *Chortle* Nice! I giggled through about half of it ...
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