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RyuichixTaki fic - Pulling Everyone Down with Them
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May 2007

silver_magess posting in Pulling Everyone Down with Them
User: gravi_fuh_q (posted by silver_magess)
Date: 2007-04-01 19:08
Subject: RyuichixTaki fic
Security: Public
Tags:ryuichi, taki
Title: Poor Move
Rating: R for mentions of Oral Sex
Pairing: RyuichixTaki
Summary: Dating Ryuichi was supposed to nothing more than a fun game.

Being with Ryuichi Sakuma meant being trapped in a constant game. Which would was perfectly fine with Taki, since he'd been playing his own game when he decided to go out with him. Of course, at the time, Taki hadn't really anticipated that Ryuichi was the better player.

When it all started, he'd been too amused to think of anything coherent at the time. He wasn't even into guys and yet, here was one of the most desired men in all of Japan asking him out. It had taken all of Taki's willpower not to laugh as he imagined how many fan girls would have vowed to eternally loathe ASK's music if word had ever gotten out.

It had happened at a party packed with more star power than the entire night sky and Taki had to wonder even now if he should have called Ryuichi stupid or ballsy for making such a move on him. Then again, he'd been the one who'd accepted, so he should have been questioning himself.

In the end, Taki had done if for the kicks. It suited his ego to have a famous boyfriend, even if no one else in the whole world knew save for him. Not only that, but Ryuichi was rich and spoiled him as if Taki was his little princess. Not that Taki wanted to be treated like a princess, but it was nice to have Ryuichi throw money at him.

Of course, in many other ways, it was tiring to be with the other man and if not for the swell it gave to his ego, Taki would have ended the relationship two months ago. The older man wouldn't let him have more than two or three days alone at the most. Even when Ryuichi had run off to LA for a job gig, he'd made sure to call Taki every single night and engaged him in five hour long phone conversations which mostly consisted of babbling nonsense at Taki. Said babbling was almost like white noise and there were a number of times when the younger man had ended up falling asleep and been forced to apologize to the other.

There was also the matter of sex. Thankfully Ryuichi brought it up seldomly, seeming more content on a kiddy ideal of romance. Unfortunately, those rare moments when he did bring it up were creepy in the extreme. It was like having a six year old child coming onto you one moment, a creepy old man the next. It was both more revolting and more exciting than any other game he'd ever played.

Seeing how long he could keep the relationship going before Ryuichi finally figured out that Taki had no real interest in him was challenging and required that the young man muster up every acting skill he had. Even if Ryuichi was an idiot, he was still a guy and Taki knew there would come a time when he wouldn't settle for anything less than full on intimacy. Pushing the date back as far as he could was almost as gratifying as the boost Taki's pride got from the relationship.

At least it had been until Ryuichi had displayed his own game face when Taki was least expecting it. What had been a night at home watching bad romantic comedies while drinking over priced vodka had spun out of his control. He'd been at that state where he was good and buzzed, drunk enough that he didn't think Ryuichi's yapping was nearly as stupid as it sounded. When Ryuichi had started to do more with his mouth than talk, Taki hadn't thought that it was the prelude to anything riskier than a kiss. A kiss would have been fine. Taki didn't mind kissing guys, because it was a gesture that society had over romanticized to the point of making it meaningless.

Of course, by the time he finally noticed that the kisses were descending lower and lower-a difficult feat considering his alcohol laden state-it was too late to fight back. He was suddenly arching his back in pleasure as Ryuichi did things with his tongue that should not have been physically possible or enjoyable in the slightest.

He couldn't say if it ended quickly or went on forever. It was quite possible that he'd fallen asleep about half way through the little session. All Taki knew was that it hadn't been until three hours later that he realized that Ryuichi had went down on him. He also remembered what Ryuichi had uttered before he'd done it: "If you want to play, fine. Just don’t fuck around with me."

Ryuichi liked playing 'boyfriend.' The idea of possessing someone on such an intimate level, yet not being bound to them sent a shudder of delight through his spine every time he heard the word. Of course, as far as Ryuichi was concerned, that freedom only went one way. A fact none of his lovers had ever understood.

Getting dumped had gotten tiring and thus he'd made the most idiotic vow imaginable: the next time he played the game, he was doing it for keeps. In retrospect, that had been one of his most idiotic ideas ever and that was saying something.

It wasn't that he hadn't put some thought into it before he'd decided to go out with Taki. Unbeknownst to the younger man, he'd been on Ryuichi's prospects list long before the party. Many of the party goers had been on his list in fact. The little social event had been a part of his great romantic plan. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if years down the road he and his special guy/gal could say that they had first met at a fancy hotel during a party?

In the end though, he'd decided to place his bet on Taki, mainly because he was the only one who Ryuichi had been able to get alone. He had also looked so solitary, despite how friendly he tried to appear when chatting up the other party goers. It reminded him a lot of Tohma, that need to hide his true self behind fake kindness. Very, very fake kindness as Ryuichi was about to find out.

It wasn’t that Taki treated him like crap or anything like that. The younger man was respectful for the most part and seemed to go out of his way to make Ryuichi enjoy things. It was just that there was something hollow about Taki's actions. Not that Ryuichi had caught on right away. It hadn't been until the first time he'd tried to get Taki in bed that he'd realized what it was.

The way Taki had looked at him, even if it had been for a split second had been so utterly horrified and disgusted that it shook Ryuichi to the core. The way he'd covered it up quickly, claiming that he just wasn't ready for it hadn't fooled Ryuichi either. He was a guy, there was no way he wasn't ready for it.

There had been a lot of little denials Ryuichi went through before he could admit the truth to himself. His favorite had been the idea that Taki was a self hating gay and needed Ryuichi to nurture him. Granted, he still liked to harbor that thought, especially after what had happened the previous night.

That night would probably make or break them, but he'd needed to say it. No one got to play with Ryuichi Sakuma, not even Tohma Seguchi. That some mere musician thought he get away with it went beyond laughable. No one screwed Ryuichi over, not with out paying the toll. Then again, as he'd had Taki panting, head thrown back, Ryuichi found himself hoping that he hadn't been too greedy. He didn’t want Taki throwing in his cards and leaving after all.

That morning, even after he'd brushed his teeth, Ryuichi could still feel the taste in his mouth. It burned whenever Taki looked at him, anger and something akin to, but not quite unlike fear radiating off of the younger man's frame. Still, Ryuichi said nothing, since it wasn't his turn at the moment.

It wasn't five hours later, that Taki finally tried to make a play. It was slow and hesitant, much like a Go player who knew that he was going to have to forfit if this move failed. "Listen, about last night…"

It might not have been the best strategy, but 'feigned vapidness' was a technique that remained near and dear to Ryuichi's heart. He pouted and batted his eyes and was instantly satisfied to see Taki lurch back a step. "You enjoyed it, right?" There was doubt in Taki's eyes and it wasn't hard to imagine what strategies he was trying to decide between.

Saying he didn't like it would be out of the question, because Ryuichi would ask why and Taki obviously didn't have the composure at this point to come up with a good lie. Claiming he liked it wouldn't do any good either, since it would be like half admitting the truth that Ryuichi already knew: that a part of him had enjoyed it and wanted more. The first play would be the end of Taki's game, but the second play would force him to go beyond his comfort zone. It didn't matter which choice Taki made though, as long as Ryuichi didn't lose the game. Though, if Taki lost, it might mean that he'd also…


As the game took what may have been it's finally turn, Ryuichi prayed that his luck hadn't run out.
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EIRI-CHICK: I can't believe you just did that
User: pikachu_goddess
Date: 2007-05-20 03:54 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:I can't believe you just did that
I'm...not sure if I love the idea of Ryuichi and Taki dating...or is freaked out by it.

Either way, I like this story!

But the last line didn't quite make sense. Did you mean "...final turn?"

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