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Ficcage: To Punish a Manager (K/Tohma) - Pulling Everyone Down with Them
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User: gravi_fuh_q (posted by liana_bluestar)
Date: 2006-10-24 22:59
Subject: Ficcage: To Punish a Manager (K/Tohma)
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Tags:k, tohma
Title: To Punish a Manager
Author: liana
Pairing: K x Tohma
Warnings: Umm . . . I don't know how to describe this one . . . There's some naughtiness going on, that's for sure!
Rating: I'm still on the tame side here. Nothing really hardcore/graphic going on.

Summary: Rule Number of a Working Relationship: Do not piss off your boss.

"K-san, could you come to my office please?"

He had not liked the way Seguchi had spoken. Sure, it had been in the usual tone Tohma often spoke with, but K had heard a slight edge to it. Very few people would have been able to pick up on it, but K had, thanks to his military training. He had learned to tell when people like Seguchi Tohma were upset with him. It had taken him years to learn but learn he had, and he had no doubts. The president of NG was pissed off at him.

For the most part, K knew why Tohma was upset with him, and he knew he was the only to blame for it. He was the one, after all, to put Shuichi in the hospital. That alone would be enough to anger the Great Seguchi Tohma. With Bad Luck's vocalist down and out for a while, the band was unable to continue with its projects. Sure, Nakano and Fujisaki could carry on but only for so long. The band needed its vocalist the same way its vocalist needed the band. Bad Luck's sudden hiatus meant Tohma was not making the money off the band as he should. That alone was all Tohma really needed.

However, the situation wasn't quite as simple as being upset over the loss of profit. No, precious, it wasn't. Shindou Shuichi also happened to be dating romance novelist Yuki Eiri, and Yuki Eiri was Seguchi Tohma's favoured brother-in-law. Well, dating wasn't appropriate anymore. The two had officially committed to each other less than six months ago, even going as far as to exchange rings in front of a large group of people. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was enough to drive the point home. Both men were now off the dating market.

Of course, since the two had done that, Tohma had been unusually and fiercely protective of the vocalist. Perhaps it was because he knew just how far Eiri would go to keep the singer and to protect him. On more than one occasion, the novelist had used his influence with Tohma to get time off for Bad Luck, specifically Shindou. Eiri had no qualms about going head-to-head with K, either, and it often took both Shuichi and Tohma intervening to keep the two from killing each other.

Now K didn't have Shuichi to act as a buffer. The singer was in the hospital, and it was K's fault. Tohma, no doubt, would drive the point home to K. The manager simply didn't know how his boss intended to carry out the punishment.

Quietly, he stepped into Tohma's office, being mindful of the younger blonde's phone conversation. He was in enough trouble as it was. He'd be lucky if he still had his job once Tohma got through with him.

As he stepped in, he was waved to sit down, which K did. Then Tohma went back to his phone conversation.

The younger man didn't stop talking for another thirty minutes. It not only drove K crazy -- he had his own work to do -- but Tohma ignoring him also pissed him off. He'd loved to have given Tohma a sound, verbal lashing for making him wait. To do so, though, was to invite more trouble, and K didn't need anymore.

Finally, the phone conversation ended, and Tohma's emerald gaze landed on K, his expression stern. The manager did his best to avoid squirming. He knew that look, and he was in for it.

"I will not ask what happened with Shuichi, K-san."

He blinked at Tohma's soft tone. Though it was the man's usual tone when he was upset, it still surprised K nonetheless and sent a shiver down his spine. Something about this meeting felt foreboding.

However, K wasn't about to let the younger man know he was frightened. It was what Tohma wanted, and K wasn't one to give in, not even to his boss. He met Tohma's stare head-on.

"I take it Yuki-san has told you everything."


"No?" Again, surprise washed over K. He thought for sure the novelist would have told Tohma everything -- from his perspective, of course -- and it would be left at that. Tohma tended to be biased when it came to his brother-in-law, and not much could change his mind.

"No. Shuichi did, and I must say I'm rather disappointed in you, K-san."

'Here it comes.'

Tohma rose to his feet, his eyes still on K. The younger man's expression also remained stern, and another shiver traveled down the manager's spine. It was then K noticed the blinds had been drawn, and he immedately became alarmed. Whatever Tohma had in mind was not going to be pleasant.

"I expected better from you."

The former Grasper now knelt in front of him, jade-green eyes flashing. K kept quiet. His mouth had become too dry for him to say anything. Slender fingers brushed against his groin as Tohma continued.

"You have no idea of seriously you could have hurt Shuichi."

"You're only saying that because of Yuki-san," K murmured, finally finding his voice. It hadn't been easy. Tohma's hand continued to touch him through the fabric of his pants, which had made it more difficult for him to speak.

"Is that what you think?"

Tohma squeezed him lightly, eliciting a moan from K. It was sick, what NG's president was doing to him, and K had no doubts the younger blonde intended to make him lose control somehow. He'd alwasy prided himself on his self-control, after all, and what greater punishment than to have him lose all restraint he had?

"You have proven it time and time again," he whispered hoarsely. His pants had become rather uncomfortable, thanks to Tohma's ministrations. "Yuki-san is the one you truly care about the most, and you'll do whatever you can to make him happy."

Tohma's hand never stopped. If anything, the touching and stroking increased in pace until K could no longer refrain. His entire body shuddered as he fought back a moan from his orgasm. The former Grasper removed his hand then rose to his feet once more, taking several steps back. K breathed harshly from his exertions, and his eyes went directly to Tohma's. The younger man's expression was unreadable.

"You may go back to work now, K-san. You will not go home on your lunch to change your clothes. You will continue about your day as if nothing's happened."

Tohma then folded his arms in front of him.

"And if you think that Eiri is the only one I truly care about the most, then it shows how little you know me. You are dismissed."
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